Events & Activities

The Trophy Room

Watch our events calendar and Facebook page for events and presentations dates and times.


Virtual Tours of the Manor House, Trophy Room and a ‘Dun-Waters’ Dream history video are available to the public online through the website. Free public wifi is available outside the Manor House for a distance of approximately 20 metres.

Outdoor, disposable Self-Guided Walking Tour brochures are available to the public near the Octagonal Dairy Barn and at the Manor House and are available online as a downloadable pdf.

Manor House Tours

Opening May 12th with our Mothers Day Fair! Tours will be running on weekends only until mid June. See you all soon!

Octagonal Barn Tours

The Octagonal Barn is a single-direction self-guided tour. Please check back for tour dates.

There’s also an “Adopt a Part of Dun-Waters’ Dream” program, which enables you to adopt a part of the garden, house, barn area, walking path or labyrinth for varying amounts. All donations and “adoptions” over $50 receive an income tax receipt.

Self-Guided Tour    Download the Self-Guided Tour Brochure Here

The self-guided tour takes you through fourteen points of historic interest, from the barn complex to the packinghouse and boat launch.

The Sporting Artist in the Dining Room

This new self-guided tour takes you through the history of Cecil Aldin’s artwork in the Manor House. Tour booklets are available at the Manor House and as a downloadable pdf. Thank you to Morgan Marshall for creating this interesting tour and information booklet.

Download The Sporting Artist Booklet Here
Fintry Estate Barn Complex

Visit the octagonal barn and barn complex area. This area was the core of Capt. James Dun-Waters’ agricultural operations. The Octagonal Barn, built in 1924, housed Dun-Waters’ Ayrshire dairy cows. It is believed to be  the last structure of its kind in the province.

Count the stairs as you climb up to view Fintry’s triple waterfall.  You can see much of the falls from only 100 stairs but keep going up the next 300+ stairs to the top for an amazing view. That waterfall had enough power to turn a Pelton wheel and provide power to the Manor House at a time when most residents were still using coal oil lights!  When you walk near the falls, look for remnants of wire-wrapped wood pipes that were used as part of an irrigation system so unusual that European experts called it “impossible”.

BC Parks has a large camping and day-use area and 2km of beaches. There is a convenient boat launch at the park.

Fintry public beach