Beautiful Weather for the Spring Fair

Judging from all the smiling faces on Mother’s Day I think it’s safe to say that the Spring Fair was a great success.

The Fairs at Fintry are an opportunity for families and friends to come together.  It’s a time to not only find unique items to buy from one of the many vendors, but to play together, sometimes dance together, and learn about the rich history that is Fintry.   My six year old grandson told me that “Fintry has a lot of neat history but we’re making our own Fintry history by being helpers at the Fair”.  I don’t think anyone could top that statement.

Members of the Friends of Fintry Board would like to thank all the volunteers that helped make the day a memorable experience.   We couldn’t do it without you.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.

Everyone Loves the Pipers Enjoying the Fair Making Bouncy balls Fun for all ages face painting was a big hit family fun & new friends

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