Improvements to the Manor House

Took a quick trip to Fintry today to see how the renovations are progressing.  The Manor House isn’t open for tours during the winter months but there was certainly lots going on.  What a difference!

The kitchen, which was formerly part of a suite that had been rented out to caretakers, has been transformed.  The large space now has a prep kitchen (for big events such as weddings) as well as a seating area where visitors can enjoy a short movie about Fintry before beginning their tour of the house.

Prep. kitchen

The upstairs, probably only used for storage during Dun-Waters time, now has two bedrooms for summer students, a caretaker’s suite, an office for our Executive Director, storage area and a large room which will be used for Board meetings.

Caretaker’s kitchen
Caretaker’s living area
Meeting room

Part of the renovations include the Laird’s bedroom.  This once inaccessible room is almost ready to become part of the Manor House tours.

Before leaving Fintry we took a break to climb up the stairs by the falls.  The thundering sound of cascading water at Short’s Creek Falls is always so powerful this time of year.  The Spring thaw is beginning….

Short’s Creek Falls



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