More Vendors to Thank!

Bud's Garlic - Delicious spice mixes
Bud’s Garlic – Delicious spice mixes
Pine Needle Baskets
Pine Needle Baskets
Dylan Olafson - Wooden Jewellery
Dylan Olafson – Wooden Jewellery
Marzio Manderioli - The Travelling Cartoonist
Marzio Manderioli – The Travelling Cartoonist
Tom & Leigh Dick - flower sales
Tom & Leigh Dick – flower sales

We’re getting closer to the big Summer Event at Fintry.  Here are a few more of the vendors that have added their unique talents to past Fairs.

B.C. Bud’s Garlic…. Bud is not only a valued member or our board, he is a Master Gardener and the proud owner of B.C. Bud’s Garlic.  You will see him at the Master Gardener’s booth as well as the booth (next door) selling his delicious garlic / herb mixtures.  Yummmm

Wendy Sandor is a true artist.  Her Pine Needle baskets reflect the history of our amazing country.  Wendy’s cloth weavings are a beautiful reflection of a more peaceful past.

Dylan Olafson turns a simple branch in to a beautiful piece of jewellery.  The simple things that we see every day can be turned in to a piece of art.  Arbor Alchemy will have a booth at the Summer Fair.

Marzio Manderioli was at our Mother’s Day Event.  He is a master cartoonist who takes minutes to turn your likeness in to a cartoon that you will treasure forever.

Tom & Leigh Dick brought their flowers to our Mother’s Day event.  If you were one of the lucky ones these flowers are now adding colour to your summer garden.

Getting excited about the Fair this Sunday.   Look forward to seeing you all there!!


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