Octagon for March 2019

Greetings Friends,

I think everyone is wondering if this winter will ever quit. I have just returned from a couple of glorious weeks in Mexico fully expecting winter to have released its icy grip, but apparently we returned a week too soon!

Fintry is still in winter mode but now we are starting to see a glimmer of movement as we slide down the icy road towards spring and our opening in May. Tour inquiries are coming in and we are getting our brochures and stock ready for another busy year. Now that we have our wheelchair ramp installed we are looking forward to having lots of senior tours this season as well as school tours as Fintry fits right into the Pioneers and Explorers section of the school curriculum.

And this is a good segue to the rest of this Octagon compiled by our Curator, Dan Bruce…….

Ever get tired of the usual news headlines noting every disaster, mishap and trouble spot around the world?     Here are a few headlines that may have reached the residents of Fintry during the years that James Dun-Waters was in residence………

1909   Charles Walcott discovers the Burgess Shale fossil site.

1910   Earl Grey sponsors the Grey Cup

           Jim Corbett kills the Panar leopard in India which had killed 400 human lives.

1911   Hiram Bingham reports his first visit to Machu Picchu

1912   Beatrix Potter publishes “The Tale of Mr. Tod”

1914   Maiden voyage of the Sicamous

           “Martha”, the last passenger pigeon dies

1915   “Lusitania” torpedoed

1916   Pancho Villa raids into New Mexico

1917   Prohibition starts in the Okanagan

1919   Nicola Ranch founded in Merritt by Charles Sydney Goldman

1922   Joseph B. Weeks made Captain of the Sicamous

           Tutankhamun’s tomb discovered

1923   Albert Einstein gives the inaugural address at the Hebrew University

1924   Alice Dun-Waters dies at Fintry

           Octagonal barn built at Fintry, and Trophy Room added to the Manor House

           George Mallory and Andrew Irvine lost on Mount Everest

           Noel Coward writes “The Vortex”

1925   Col. Percy Fawcett disappears in the Amazon forest   

1926   “Podunk” Davis rescues Nurse Warburton in Princeton

1927    Davidson Black, a Canadian doctor announces the discovery of the Peking Man fossils

1928    Kelowna Rotary Club founded. Dr. Knox a charter member

1930    Edward, Prince of Wales meets Mrs. Wallis Simpson

            William Beebe and Otis Barton descend half a mile under the sea in the bathysphere

1932    Calona Wines established by “Cap” Capozzi

1935    John Buchan becomes Governor-General of Canada, and his novel “The 39 Steps”

            adapted for cinema

1936   Emily Carr paints “ Above the Gravel Pit”

1938   First Superman comic published

1939   James Dun-Waters dies at Fintry

In closing I would just like to remind everyone of the dates for our Fintry Fairs this year.

Sunday, May 12th (Mother’s Day)

Sunday, July 14th

Sunday, September, 8th

Looking forward to spring…….

Kathy Drew,

Friends of Fintry Provincial Park.

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