The Octagon – May, 2023

Greetings Friends,

The warm and sunny days are upon us and with them come the threats of floods and fires. Our thoughts and prayers are with those at Parker Cove during this difficult time while they deal with Mother Nature.

Down at Fintry we are in the throes of planning for our upcoming season. Our first major event is our Fintry Fair being held on Sunday, May 14th, with all hands on deck on Saturday, May 13th for Spring cleaning the Manor House. Anyone wishing to join in the cleaning brigade will be more than welcome!

We were delighted to hear that we were successful in our Canada Summer Jobs grant application and will be hiring two students to assist our volunteers with guiding tours this summer. We will now be able to be open for more days during the summer at both the Manor House and the barns.

We had an exciting, although chilly day at the Manor House in April, as Dan Bruce describes the day below…..

Saturday, April 22nd was a special day at Fintry, as it was the occasion for the making of a short amateur film production, I believe the first such event at the Manor House.

The Trophy Room was the scene of “Bloody Vintage” co-directed and produced by Chelsea McEvoy and Kelly Veltri, volunteer members of the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers. The OSIF has members from all parts of the valley, including the Fintry delta itself!  They are dedicated to their art, and put a great effort into the creation of film and video, that while being an amateur, non-profit organization, deliver a very professional looking result.

Filming events have a dubious reputation for overrunning their venues, and taking untoward liberties with the location. This was certainly not the case on that Saturday, and it gave us all great satisfaction that the Fintry Estate was available as a venue, and having Fintry function as a cultural asset in the region. It was a great pleasure to see the OSIF making full use of the available amenities.  Lunch for the crew, largely self-catered, made good use of the kitchen, just off the Ben Lee Room, which also became the ‘green room’ for the day. 

Two participants were in wheelchairs and were able to have access to the whole proceeding via the ramp recently installed by BC Parks. The ramp incidentally, was designed and installed in such a way as to provide easy access but with minimal disruption to the heritage aspect of the site.

It was a full day and attended by several of our Board of Directors. Our compliments to the OSIF members on their care of the furnishings etc. in and around the Manor House. Thanks are also due to BC Parks who oversee all activities in our Provincial Parks.   Keeping within the strictures of the Parks Act, we look forward to more opportunities to have Fintry act as an encouragement to education and culture in the region.

Remember, mark your calendars for the Fintry Fair on Sunday, May 14th. We have a full slate of vendors, musicians Manor House tours and kid’s activities!

Hope to see you there….

Kathy Drew,

Friends of Fintry Provincial Park

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