What Do You Know About the Octagonal Barn?

Milking Stations inside the Octagonal Barn
Milking Stations inside the Octagonal Barn
Octagonal Barn upstairs near the silo
Octagonal Barn upstairs near the silo
Barn Complex in  Dun-Waters time
Barn Complex in Dun-Waters time

Few of us have any idea about the history of the Barn Complex at Fintry.  Though it is an extremely important part of Dun-Waters’ legacy our attention seems to be drawn to the Manor House.  Without a particular interest in livestock &/or farming it seems we would rather wander through the house enjoying the ambiance of days gone by.  However, if you only see the Manor House you will be missing out on the ingenious way Dun-Waters made the Fintry Delta come alive.

As you enter Fintry you will see buildings to your left along Short’s Creek.  Take the time to wander the path leading to a number of buildings.  Here is where the Laird harnessed the power of the water to run not only a Pelton Wheel (for making electricity) but to create one of the first spray irrigation systems in the Okanagan.  The most striking building in the complex is the Octagonal (or eight sided) barn.  This ingenious design allowed for a central silo making feed easily accessible to the ring of cattle waiting patiently below.  A trough in the concrete collected the animal waste and the (easily accessible) water diverted from Shorts Creek made for efficient clean up.  It also allowed the waste to be collected and used for fertilizer.  This type of barn is unique in the Canadian west.

This is only a taste of what you will learn when you tour the barn complex at Fintry.  If you want to learn more please make a point of visiting the area.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out with the tours.  You don’t have to know the difference between Ayrshire Cattle and a Texas Longhorn, we have all the information you need.  Please contact us through this website or on Facebook if you would like to know more about becoming a volunteer.  The time commitment is up to you.

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